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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a wig can be a daunting experience, which is why we recommend that you book a consultation with us so that we can take you through all of the different ranges and styles available to you to make an informed choice.

Please find below our most asked questions about buying a new wig.

Can I buy wigs online from Wigs Unlimited?
No, We believe that you have to see the products we have and try them on as wigs often look different in real life than in a picture. If you come and see us you will benefit from our years of knowledge and experience, which will assist you in purchasing a style to suit you.

How often do I have to buy a new wig?
We recommend that if the wig is to be worn continuously, a new one is purchased every 6 – 9 months.

How much should I expect to pay for my wig?
This depends on the type of base structure and whether you choose real hair, man made fibre or a mixture. The prices vary from £90 to £1,300 and we would discuss all options in your initial consultation.

Do I have to book an appointment or can I just drop in?
You will need to book an appointment as we would like to give you the best possible service which means we will only open for your consultation so that can take place in private.

What happens if you have not got the exact hairpiece I want on the day?
The hairpiece can be ordered and is normally delivered to the shop within a week.

Do wigs come in different sizes?
Wigs mostly come in one size, but are all adjustable.

Are there any wigs for men?
Yes. There is now a range designed specifically for men.

Can wigs be altered or are they just a set style and colour?
Wigs come in a large variety of styles and colours which can still be styled to suit the client. Fibre wigs cannot be coloured or permed whereas real hair ones can.

Do you cater for Cross dressers and transgender clients?
Yes, we have many regular clients that are cross-dressers and transgender and welcome anyone who wishes to buy a wig.

Why Choose Us

Friendly & Confidential

You are guaranteed a professional service in a friendly and confidential atmosphere.

Aftercare & Advice

We offer all of our clients the right advice and aftercare.

Wig Accessories

We also offer a wide range of wig accessories to suit any style

Contact Details

Wigs Unlimited
54 Bromham Road
MK40 2QG

Tel: 01234 352 499
Mobile: 07812 934 202

Opening Hours

We are only open by appointment so that we can give you the best possible service in choosing your wig without being interrupted.

Please call to make an appointment for your initial consultation. A full consultation usually takes around 45 minutes and costs only £20. If a wig is purchased £20 is taken off the price of the wig or toupee.

Making an appointment is always necessary.

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